How To Advertise on TV

How To Advertise on TV

Guerillascope are experts in guiding businesses through how to advertise on TV, having established ourselves as specialists in launching new advertisers over our thirteen year history. Companies how it all works are often surprised when we tell them how easy it has become; with one call our dynamic team can set to work on developing an individually tailored TV advertising plan, basing our strategies on the best TV advertising rates available in the market. The reason we can do this is because of our analysis-centred approach; we'll scan sector, competitor and general market activity to identify the most cost-effective opportunities for your business, and continue to do so even once your campaign has launched. To find out more about how to advertise on TV, call Guerillascope today on 0207 352 0555.

TV Advertising Made Easy

How Has TV Advertising Changed?

The digital switch over has driven an expansion in TV content now available to television viewers, bolstering an advertiser’s capacity to run targeted TV campaigns relevant to the interests of fragmented audiences. And, with new dual screen TV advertising formats such as 4Now, TV viewers are being engaged in exciting new ways.

However, research indicates that linear television viewing still accounts for on average 3 hours 24 minutes of an individual’s daily viewing time. This suggests that, far from replacing linear TV, the ascent of on-demand and Smart TV platforms are seen as a supplement to the live schedule. In a nutshell, TV viewers are now watching more TV ads than ever before.

How Do We Measure TV Viewing?

The measurement of TV viewing is based upon BARB’s panel of 5,000 homes, each one of which represents a further 5,000 UK households. If one viewer has watched over 10-seconds of an ad spot, this is counted as an impact; meaning we will not charge you if an individual fast-forwards through your ad. Of particular interest to our team is the following:

  1. How many impacts are generated by a campaign.
  2. The amount of spots secured compared to the budget allocated.
  3. Which channels, day parts and programming generate the highest TV ratings.

From such information, we can develop detailed campaign analysis reports; the likes of which are pivotal to the accountability of your TV advertising campaign. This data enables us to correlate leads generated with specific TV spots, meaning we can optimise campaign effectiveness on a minute-by-minute basis.

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How Do We Calculate TV Advertising Costs?

TV advertising is customarily calculated by a cost-per-thousand (CPT) or, if the channel is not registered with BARB, a cost-per-spot (CPS). The CPT is derived from an industry-standard rate card, with Guerillascope specialists in negotiating deals that guarantee the best rates for our clients. 

Alternatively, by dividing the total number of impacts by 1000 and multiplying the number by the purchased cost per thousand (CPT), one has a CPS. For example, if a TV spot reached 80,000 viewers, and the CPT stands at £2.80, then the cost per spot would be £224.